Daniel Moretti

"Building Experiences is much more
  than building Applications."

About Me

I'm Daniel, a Full-Stack Software Developer passionate about Open-Source, Linux and Music ♫. I believe that through the creation of apps, we deliver experiences that empower users to change how they interact with their lives, so by the same principle, I want to deliver the bests experiences I can give.

My journey as a Developer began in 2015 when I was trying to start a little business; back then, we needed a website and had no knowledge of creating one. Sure, we could make use of some developer-free tooling, but Nah, I wanted to make something highly customizable to fit in perfection the idea we had, so I started learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Little did I know that from that day on, I would fall in love and keep digging into a neverending hole of knowledge and challenges.

Daniel Moretti

Some of My Work

Odontologia belen chacon Logo
Landing page from odontologiabelenchacon.cl
Daniel Moretti Logo
Medical Administrator Dashboard from odontoficha

Professional Experience

Software Engineer @ Woven Teams

System Administrator @ Dar Spa

Bug Bounty Hunter @ HackerOne

Freelance Web Developer

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